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Day 30  Sunday, 16 August 2009
BLOG UPDATE: Team Mad lady   (08:13 )
So we only went and bloody did it didn't we!! Arrival party was brilliant fun - our pink blazers re-emerged, a bit more dusty, yet still with that touch of class! The beards we have been cultivating were a welcome addition! Was a great night and a nice chilled day today is the perfect remedy for the nagging hangover! Looking forward to finding a pub to watch the Mighty Spurs this evening.Next target is China. I will be up bright and early tomorrow trying to get a visa in a day and then we will fly to Beijing before flying home from Shanghai... Read more ...

Day 29  Saturday, 15 August 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateUlaanbaatar - Mongolia at 09:00 on Team Mad lady said Have that! Just pulled into Ulaanbaatar. Job done! And perfect timing- arrive at 4 with time for avo beers before the Sat arrival party. 4 weeks to the day, 3 tyres down, no speedo or fuel gauge and a few cable ties holding things up. Apart from that - what a motor! Don't want to give it up! R ** some text is missing **
Day 28  Friday, 14 August 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateBayankhongor - Mongolia at 09:47 on Team Mad lady said Well the Micra now has a few cable ties holding things up- bonnet,handbrake cable,fuel lines! But she continues to churn through the miles. Car filled with dust but been some superb rally driving from TH&the Todster.New careers we think!One more river crossing today.400 miles to go... Come on!
Day 27  Thursday, 13 August 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateAltay - Mongolia at 11:05 on Team Mad lady said Trip through Russia was amazing. After we got a local to break in to get the keys as ST had locked them inside, we found the perfect camp spot before the border. Mongolia is just immense in every sense. However cars taking a pounding- 4x4 we are with has just broken its chassis! Micrca coping but things being shaken loose and a couple of tyres down. Fingers crossed!
Day 23  Sunday, 9 August 2009
Teams LogoAdventure update at 06:46 on Team Mad lady said Wow. Tough day yesterday. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere, biggest potholes you've ever seen and a tyre blow out. Slightly dodgy stomachs as well. Repaired the tyres now though,had some sleep&at Russian border now. All is well. Only about 2,500km to go. But Mongolia will be tough! S&T
Day 21  Friday, 7 August 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateAktau - Kazakhstan at 16:32 on Team Mad lady said ST levels it up at 3 police stops each with another overtaking manoeuvre when not allowed. Tut tut Simon! Still no fine though. Big slog through the night to Russian border now, trying to avoid the radioactivity fall out! Hopefully we wont gain a third ear! S&T@
BLOG UPDATE: Team Mad lady   (08:09 )
Well we have made it to Kazakhzstan. We arrived on Wednesday evening and met PwC at their offices in the Hyatt Regency - very nice! Had a few beers and dinner with the head partner and tax partner - a big sirlion steak which was amazing. However, it seems to have diusrupted our tummies!The last two days have been with PwC though we did manage to take the car to be looked at (engine warning like purely due to speedo going - great news!). They were worried about the brake pads however and so we have replaced them as well... Read more ...

Day 18  Tuesday, 4 August 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateBiskek - Kyrgyzstan at 12:35 on Team Mad lady said Made it into Kyrgyzstan&driving through deep gorges-very different from the desert we have become accustomed to! Three more police stops to chalk up in Uzbek but still no fine! Had our first puncture as well. Heading for a camp by a reservoir tonite&then Kazakzstan tomorrow... S&T
Day 17  Monday, 3 August 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateBukhara - Uzbekistan at 05:15 on Team Mad lady said oh dear the engine warning light came on and we lost the speedo!got up 4 a big day but have had to go to garage,fingers crossed the micra is ok!
Day 16  Sunday, 2 August 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateMary - Turkmenistan at 04:39 on Team Mad lady said So after a stop off at the capital for some cow penis,champagne with Chinese owner&his Russian internet bribe&a bit too much vodka, we stayed in Mary (town near border).Stopped at Central Asia's largest market& picked up 2 desert tyres.Also a random avo with a local.Uzbekistan here we come!@
Day 14  Friday, 31 July 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateAshgabad - Turkmenistan at 11:08 on Team Mad lady said So wangled our way onto the ferry (some people had been waiting 5 days!).15 hours later we pulled into Turkmenistan after a luxurious cruise!But worse was to come.We then spent 10 hours,through a nite, going through customs. $370 lighter we got out&now arriving in the capital.Shower needed!@
Day 11  Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateTbilisi - Georgia at 18:05 on Team Mad lady said So an eventful 30hrs,first we thought we weren't going to get our visas,jubilation when we did!14hr slog to georgia,last 4 hrs in a georgia,we go 4 the most direct main road route, wasn't main and spent about 6hrs going 60miles,part of this we nearly lost the car!very large ford (the storm),a local offered to drive it across,he got stuck and the car filled with water!in the end we were towed across!aiming 4 azerbaijan 2n.
Day 10  Monday, 27 July 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateIstanbul - Turkey at 16:19 on Team Mad lady said WHOOP WHOOP! Azerbaijan visa finally in hand after some fun&games with the embassy! We hit the road again... Finally!
BLOG UPDATE: Team Mad lady   (09:29 )
Yep here we still are, Istanbul.....the Azerbaijan Embassy try their utmost to prevent us getting our Visa, when we finally had all the paperwork and had paid them, they then said that we could pick up the Visa on Monday @ 5!! So that meant rather a long delay, the car was packed so we headed to the beach resort on the black sea coast called Sile. The best way to describe it is Newquay in Turkey. very lively and full of late teens and early twenty somehings out for a party, so we fitted in fine! Two days of beach and beer... Read more ...

BLOG UPDATE: Team Mad lady   (08:55 )
Well we are now just waıtıng for our letter of ınvıtatıon (LOI) to Azerbaıjan to be sent through so that we can sort out the vısa and get on the road!!Had a day off yesterday - ın the mornıng a fruıtless trıp to the embassy but then a great afternoon vısıtıng the sıtes - ıncludıng a hamam to scrub away 5 days worth of drıvıng sweat!! Istanbul ıs a cool cıty and lots of Mongol cars here. Had some beers wıth two guys from Italy - one of whıch ran a rare stamp colectıng company!! Random. Bıt worrıed that every team... Read more ...

Day 5  Wednesday, 22 July 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateIstanbul - Turkey at 17:12 on Team Mad lady said 32 hours of almost non-stop driving and we've made it.bulgaria have been spending there eu money on traffic police actually out and about so the journey took a little longer than planned.turkish border took a while but the roads were clear when we eventually got through. no more run hop with the law to report.time 4 a cold beer,then 2m is admin and getting tom's chinese visa sorted before seeing the mad lady signing out.
Teams LogoAdventure updatePlovdiv - Bulgaria at 08:16 on Team Mad lady said Police stop number two before 9! This time it was Todd with an outrageous overtaking manoeuvre. Yet again ignorance and patience dodged the fine!
Teams LogoAdventure updateSofia - Bulgaria at 06:24 on Team Mad lady said Well we ended up hammering it through the nite in shifts. Just waiting at the Bulgarian border now-400m from Istanbul. Had our first police stop 4 speeding as well. He tried 2 extract a bribe but our pleads of ignorance eventually worked&we got away with it. Hopefully not the 1st stop of many@
Day 4  Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateBelgrade - Serbia at 22:15 on Team Mad lady said First border, first queue. Been burning through the ex Soviet states to get to Istanbul quickish. Just leaving the EU for Serbia now. The question is how far do we go tonight...
Teams LogoAdventure update at 12:38 on Team Mad lady said so good party last night,the spaceman outfits went down a treat.aiming 4 belgrade tonight,gonna be a long day!
Day 3  Monday, 20 July 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateMunich - Germany at 11:20 on Team Mad lady said Just leaving Munchen a bit sore headed from one too many stein's! Apparently we are in City AM this morning- check it out. Next stop Czech Rep...
Day 1  Saturday, 18 July 2009
Teams LogoAdventure updateDover - United Kingdom at 17:43 on Team Mad lady said bye bye blighty.see you in 5 weeks!seriously though 4 hrs down already smashed our first maccies.s&t
1 day before launch  Friday, 17 July 2009
BLOG UPDATE: Team Mad lady   (13:13 )
So great news Tom tried to start the car today, she wasn't loving it, but after a little coaxing she roared back to life, hopefully this isn't an omen for our little lady!So whats left to do, pack, get the car to Goodwood, try and get two passports, not be at work....Also the word is the results are in for the team name change ... Read more ...